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Original Blynd and Tower fullPlastic Vacuum Forming Inc. – The Blynd was started by Joe and Hazel Franks in 1970 and it has recently been sold to Joe's nephew, James Franks of Franks Manufacturing.

The company's primary goal in the early years was to create custom formed parts for various businesses and to manufacture those parts with polyethylene or ABS plastic material.  The direction of the business changed in 1980 as the owner, Joe and his eldest son, Tom, came up with the idea of a plastic hunting blind using polyethylene material with a UV stabilizer that will enable The Blynd to last for 20-30 years.  Between Tom's full-time job of hunting and Joe's engineering skills, they designed a blind that was practical, durable, economical, lightweight, and virtually maintenance free.

The early years of selling The Blynd consisted of a few "good ol boys" (friends and relatives) selling them off of the side of any Texas country road, IH 10, and 45N.  It didn't take long before we had dealers set up all over Texas and a few more years to having dealers all over the country!  We owe MANY THANKS to friends, relatives, past and present dealers for the success of The Blynd.  A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of our past and present employees as well.  Having such a dedicated crew throughout the years is another reason to celebrate our success.

The Blynd has had minimal changes over the past 42 years due to the original design being almost flawless.  The door was changed in 1986 from a sliding half door to a hinged half door.  In 2009, with the request of many customers which were still hunting out of their 20-year-old plus blinds, we introduced a full-size door which can easily replace the half door by replacing the half door panel with the full-size door panel.

In 2016 we added a bow blind to our product line.  The Bow Blynd (available soon) is versatile to accommodate bow or rifle hunting.  It also comes in a 4X4 and a 4X8 with custom shatterproof windows mounted with quiet hinges.  

The photo to the left is of our original black blind with the double sliding door.  It was in front our original location for 39 years!

Thank You for your interest in our company's history and hope you will continue through our website to find out more about our products.  If you prefer to speak with someone about our products, you may call 1-800-458-0263 and speak to a LIVE PERSON!! 
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                                                                                         Tommy Glen Franks