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BowBlynd 3quaterViewThe Bow Blynd incorporates 37 years of innovation and product quality to create a Bow Blynd based on our proven Blynd platform.
4x8 BowBlynd window side 3quarter RThe 4x4 Bow Blynd incorporates 3 huge vertical, quiet technology open and close, shatter proof windows and 6 hybrid rifle/crossbow ports! The colossal 4x8 Bow Blynd has 5 vertical bow windows and 10 rifle/crossbow ports and supports two bow hunters easily. In both models window to window is an amazing 60" or 5' window to window and a full size door! The Bow Blynd also introduces the first Bow Blynd manufactured and our material accepts all plastic bonding paint allowing each bowhunter the ability to customize their Bow Blynd to its surroundings.  The video below shows a prototype of the Bow Blynd in.  

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