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Over the years, we have developed a number of accessories for The Blynd and The Bow Blynd box stand. These accessories are designed for deer hunters’ comfort and convenience when using The Blynd or The Bow Blynd deer box stand.

All of these items for our hunting blinds, as well as any replacement parts you may need, can be purchased directly from us. You have the option to call us direct at (800)458-0263 to place your order or purchase online.  Most accessories can be shipped to you via UPS. Replacement wall panels, roof and floor must be shipped via motor freight.

Accessory Tray

The Blynd - accessory TrayThis 5"x15" tray snaps in under any of the windows of The Blynd. The trays are great for storing binoculars and other similar-sized gear. Because our Bow Blynd has a different window system than our standard Blynds this tray will not work in the Bow Blynd.

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Anchoring Systems

Accsry-TieDownBecause The Blynd is made of relatively lightweight material, it is important to anchor both the plastic hunting blind itself and the tower (if you are using one). These are the best tie-down systems we have found. They include cable, wire rope clips, S-hooks, a 33" auger, heavy duty turn buckle, and a 6" tree stump anchoring eye bolt. Available in three sizes: 5’, 10’ and, 15’ Tie-Down Kits

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Gun Rest

The Blynd - accessory Gun Rest Gray
   The gun rest is designed to fit over the window opening of THE BLYND. Lightweight and portable, the gun rest makes it easy to be ready for the shot.
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Swivel Chair

The Blynd - accessory ChairThis comfortable and functional swivel chair spins 360 degrees quietly—so you won’t disturb the deer. It sits 17” off the ground—perfect for the average person to sight through The Blynd’s window openings.

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Double Door Conversion Kit

Accsry-DoorConv Improve your older model of The Blynd, to match what we now sell!
This replaces the original double sliding doors with a one-piece hinged door. Includes an aluminum hinge, inside pull knob, lock hasp, a fastener cord that keeps the door closed from the inside, and assembly instructions.

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Full Size Door Panel

Accsry-Full Size Door Improve your older model of The Blynd, to match what we now sell!
Replaces the old standard half-door panel. It has a 62” high opening with a twist-lock handle, tinted sliding window and off-season insert.  Available in OD Green or our original Black color.

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Replacement Windows

Accsry-Full Size Door Improve your older model of The Blynd, to match what we now sell!
(See the FAQs for tips to preserve the windows of The Blynd.)

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