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Bow Blynd hunter Shannon Milburn"I have been purchasing deer stands from The Blynd for over 20 years. The last 5 years I have been buying the bow blinds and enjoy hunting in them. They are so easy to hunt out of because of the window design. From bow to rifle hunting it is what I hunt in. This one was shot last year with my bow out of the Bow Blynd."
Shannon Milburn
Springhill, KS

Before & After - June 2023
"I have had the Blynd on an elevated stand for going on 3 years. The cows knocked it over, and it landed on the fence. The Blynd came apart at a seam creating a fold and large gap. While thinking of ways to fix it, I loaded it on a trailer parked at the front of the ranch. The odd thing - a week later I came back and the Blynd fixed itself - I am elated! I stand by your product! Awesome experience and great, quality work!"
James Rickert USN SC Retired
"We have two Blynd tower stands on our farm, one we've had for over 15 years. They've been through countless storms and hundreds of hunts, yet remain just as we bought them. The Blynd truly stands the test of time and these two continue to be a great investment for our property!"
Clay Carroll
Jefferson City, MO
"We probably have the most unexpected and unorthodox use of the Blynd and tower. We are a baseball team and use it to hold our unmanned center field camera for our broadcast. It stands up year-round and is the perfect size for us. We have a tripod and industrial camera that we set up in there for every baseball game. It's the perfect size for our camera lens to look through over 100 yards away. It's big enough for 2 people and a tripod to stand in there to set everything up over 40 times every summer - It has to be sturdy, flat and durable which checks all 3 of those boxes for us. The holes on all four sides make it super easy to look out even though we only use one. It's been with us going on 7+ years and it's still in great condition even with our tough, cold and windy winters. Shoutout to The Blynd!"
Isaac Bugarin
Bismark, ND
"I have been selling 'The Blynd' as a side business and have sold over 2000 Blynds in the past 30+ years! These are great hunting blinds for the money and they last for many years. We placed Blynds on a property when we became a dealer - the current owners are still hunting out of those same Blynds. The support team is always very courteous, kind and helps out when needed!"
Hunting Blind Outfitters of Missouri
"I've been using The Blynd for 15 years. The unit has made it through many storms and hunts. It's easy to breakdown and move—very light weight. A great buy!"
Bass Pro Shop Customer