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We manufacture plastic hunting blinds designed for the durability and affordability that hunters demand. We know that our customers need hunting blinds that stand up to even extreme weather, and are easy to clean and maintain. We also know that, given a choice, most hunters would rather spend extra time in the blind than on the job making money to pay for a more expensive blind.

About The Blynd

  • Is there a warranty on The Blynd? +

    The Blynd comes with a limited warranty. We will replace any part that fails due to faulty materials and/or workmanship. The warranty does not cover improper use or weather-related damage.
  • How long can I expect The Blynd to last? +

    With minimal maintenance, it should last a long time. We have customers who are still using The Blynd that they purchased in the 1980's. In fact, we had one at our original facility that was on display since 1984.
  • Is The Blynd insulated? +

    No it is not. Our Blynds will draw heat on a sunny day.  Some customers have used a small propane heater in The Blynd when it is extremely cold.
  • Is The Blynd airtight? +

    No. There are small holes around the door and windows that let in air to keep the inside of The Blynd more comfortable. As a result, you may want to use scent control products and possibly bug repellents. If you have a yellow jacket or wasp problem, we recommend sprinkling Sevin dust pesticide under a rug on the floor and hanging a No Pest fly strip inside The Blynd.
  • Is it possible to paint The Blynd? +

    Yes there is. Nowadays there are a couple different spray paints you can use that will adhere to the plastic.  You can try the Rustoleum or Krylon brands.  If you decide to "camo" The Blynd, expect to re-do it at some point in the future.
  • Can I lock The Blynd? +

    With our new full size door system, The Blynd's door has an RV handle that is preinstalled, lockable and comes with a key. If you purchased The Blynd prior to 2003, you can get a door conversion kit to change from the double door system to a single, lockable one.

    The older sliding double door system requires some modification in order to lock it. One option is to screw the doors shut to keep "unwanted guests" out.
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Caring for The Blynd

  • Do you sell replacement parts? +

    Yes, if some part of The Blynd has been damaged, we can provide a replacement. If it is not damage under warranty, contact us for a quote or call us directly 800-458-0263 on the replacement part. Parts damaged due to a manufacturing defect will be replaced at no charge.
  • What can I do to prevent weather damage to The Blynd? +

    The materials used in the manufacture of The Blynd include a UV stabilizer to prevent weather deterioration, and the polyethylene is rated to withstand temperatures ranging from -60 to +150 degrees F.

    There are some things that customers can do to preserve The Blynd. These include:

    Preventing Window Freezing—Customers hunting in icy or snowy conditions have sometimes had the windows freeze in the aluminum track. We recommend keeping some anti-freeze handy to melt the ice if this happens. You can also drill some small holes in the window track to allow water to drain out, so it doesn’t remain in the track and freeze. 

    Other Window Care Tips & FAQs—Our standard windows slide back and forth in an aluminum track. In very windy conditions, the windows have a tendency to "walk" in the track and may blow out. You can do the following:

    —From the inside of The Blynd and with the windows closed, drill a small hole on each side of the window opening and then insert a 16 penny nail (or similar) in each hole for stops.

    __Window dimensions are 7 3/4"X15 3/4" (each window), window opening is 7"X29", window track is 36" long and can only be purchased by calling the office direct.  The measurement from the floor of The Blynd to the bottom of the window opening is 42".

    —If you purchased The Blynd in the period since 2000, you can use the off season window inserts that came with it. If you bought The Blynd prior to the year 2000, you have the option to purchase off-season inserts via our online store or call us at (800)458-0263 to place your order.

    Preventing Roof Damage Due To Heavy Snow Load—The roof is not designed to withstand the weight of a heavy snow. In order to prevent it from collapsing, a temporary "t" brace made out of 2x4's should work on the 4x4 model of The Blynd. For the 4x8 model, we recommend framing the inside of The Blynd in 2x4s for additional support.

    Preventing Floor Damage—To prevent moisture from rotting the floor of The Blynd, you need to keep it off the ground. If you are not using one of our towers, we recommend using wood posts, railroad ties, or a wood pallet under The Blynd. You can also lag bolt The Blynd to these to prevent it from blowing over in a high wind.

    •We provide a ½” plywood floor for The Blynd, and recommend that you treat it by painting with an oil-based exterior paint or water sealing it prior to assembly to extend its life.
  • If The Blynd gets blown over, is it repairable? +

    Honestly, The Blynd is pretty indestructible. 99% of the time, you can reassemble it. Typically, it will pop at the seams where it is screwed together. To repair it, pick a spot near the original hole and use the screws and clips to put it back together. If you end up with a tear in the plastic, silicone can be used to patch it.

    If the panels get twisted as the result of a fall, most of the time you can return them to their original shape by warming them in the sun.
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The Best Hunting Blind

Although there are others who have copied us, The Blynd is the original plastic hunting blind. In 2020, Franks Manufacturing began manufacturing The Blynddeer blind out of its facility in San Antonio. We've made improvements in The Blynd’s full size door, and we have options that allow The Blynd to be customized for different hunting environments and needs.  The Blynd is available for use as a ground blind and as an elevated hunting blind.

The Blynd is made of a ribbed polyethylene, specially treated with a UV-stabilizer, and rated for temperatures between -60 and +150 degrees F.

The Blynd is for sale at our dealers throughout the United States.  If there is not a dealer near you, you have the option to call us at (800) 458-0263 and have it shipped directly to you!

The new owner of The Blynd, James Franks, Franks Manufacturing is a Veteran owned company.  All manufacturing and materials are 100% made in America!